How to travel with a pet

About a month back me, my sister and my mother went on an unplanned trip to Alibaugh, India.It is a beach destination. my uncle owns a beautiful holiday home in Alibaugh and we decided to stay at his house for the weekend. It was an abrupt trip and we were quite excited.

I have a pet dog named Cookie. We usually keep Cookie in Kennel. We don’t take him on long distance travel. but this time when we reached the Kennel it was houseful. I think everybody were travelling and the Kennel was full. My sister instantly said – “Lets take Cookie with us”. And so it all began.

We had never travelled with Cookie before. It was a girls weekend and I thought it will be fun to take him with us. hell enjoy the weekend too and the beach.

” Little did we know pets are not like us.”

We started our packing for the trip. And we were done in 30 minutes. I pack fast. you can too read my post on How To Pack a Suitcase in 30 Minutes .

TIPS on Travelling with a pet

Never let them loose

Always keep your pet on a leash. Don’t allow them to run around in the car. My dog was doing from back seat to front seat. I was giving him instructions to sit down, but he wouldn’t listen. They might feel restricted in a car. So always put them on tight leash.

Keep them on the back seat

Always keep your pet on the back seat . It is quite unsafe to keep them on the front seat. they may fiddle with your car gears. obstruct your view while driving. and if there is an accident the car air bags may blow up and cause serious injuries to your pet.

Heads IN

Keep your air conditioning on room temperature neither too cold nor too hot. Also keep the windows of the car shut. Dogs love to watch outside the windows. Cookie loves to put his tongue out and put his head out of the window at all times. Please remember this is dangerous. You cannot keep a track on your dog and on road at the same time. Choose one.

Rest stops

Dogs need rest stops to pee, poop or just stretch. And whenever possible give them enough rest stops. Your dog will be happy during the travel or else he might get cranky,barking all the time and running around in the car being impatient.

Drive with a buddy

Try to drive with a friend or a family member. So you can switch between your driving and pet responsibilities. It will be very helpful and you know somebody is keeping an eye on your pet while you are driving.

Not Alone

Never leave your pet alone at home this might only make them mad. When you are taking a break from driving or pulled up to grab a snack, take your pet along. They don’t like to be in unknown places just alone.


Just enjoy your travel with pet. my pet Cookie is like my brother. I would love for him to explore new places and enjoy. but with these simple tips you can enjoy your travel with your pet as well. and it is a win win for all.

Hope you guys have lovely holidays and yes don’t be afraid travel with your pet and you’ll see that you can enjoy so much more.






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