How To Pack a Suitcase in 30 Minutes

In a past year and half I have packed many suitcases right from the day I was getting married to honeymoon to all the other trips we made throughout the year.

Whether it be a weekend trip or a long week trip you can definitely pack your suitcase in 30 minutes. in our busy lives we don’t have time for a vacation or small trips and instead of spending time on packing, spend time on the vacation.

And here is how…..

STEP 1 : Pick the right suitcase

Picking the right suitcase is very important. For example if you are going for a few days just for a couple of days try getting a back pack. it is easy to carry around. You can easily use them in public transport without any hassle. just pick up and leave.

If you are going for longer trips pick an appropriate bag a luggage bag with wheels is preferable. I prefer the luggage bags with four wheels. It supports the weight easily without exerting or exhausting you. take a minute to assess which is the best suitcase to fit everything.


STEP 2 : Co-ordinate your outfits.

To start with packing clothes think about how many days you are travelling and how many outfits you’ll need. Also if there is any special event then pack a special outfit.Pack two travelling outfit and a night suit.

Co-ordinate your outfits. Plan what you are going to wear every single day. Colour co-ordinate them and try to mix and match. Also in back of your mind keep thinking about the accessories and shoes.

Keep a separate pouches for things like inner wears, accessories, make -up and toiletries. Pack all these things separately and don’t mix them with your main outfits. This makes it easier to pack and unpack later.

STEP 3 : Pack your fun bag.

You guys must be wondering what is a fun bag. for me this is a very important bag. it is all the fun things you need while you are travelling. like your iPod, iPad, cool headphones, chewing gums, laptop, hard disk to watch movies. Also it can include board games, cards, Jenga (new favourite) or even books.

Anything really that makes you feel better and puts you instantly in the fun-mode.


STEP 4 : Lay out everything

Lay out everything before you start. Co-ordinate everything day-wise and prioritise clothes accordingly. At this stage eliminate any outfit you do not need. you have to make this hard choice . you don’t want to be over packed with your bulging suitcase.

Start folding them and arranging them in layers as per priority example put the night suit first if you are reaching the destination at night time. Just easier that way.

STEP 5 : Extra items

Pack all other extra items you need while travelling like specific hotel vouchers, pamphlets, tickets or other documents.

Pack a waterproof bag to store anything like wet clothes or wet litter.

Pack a small medical pouch just the basic medicines for headache, stomach pain or acidity, Also a band aid or an antiseptic cream for emergency.



Finally top up the bag with your towel and your tooth brush. Its important because I forget this everything every trip . so I have to put this in. Hopefully I don’t forget my tooth brush on my next trip. 🙂








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