The Day I flew : Paragliding

Today I am excited to share my paragliding experience. We (Me and my husband Vivek) planned our paragliding trip on 25th Dec 2016. Yes Christmas day and also our first wedding anniversary. We wanted to do something exciting and fun and my husband had everything planned out.

My experience in a video –

What is Paragliding ??

Paragliding is a recreational and competitive adventure sport. Paragliding is done by para gliders who are pilots of the gliders. The glider is a fabric wing suspended by large interconnected baffled cells. A glider sits in the harness below this fabric wing.

There is no engine used and even though a pilot can last for hours in the sky and cover hundreds of kilometre.

Usually a pilot takes off from an elevated platform like top of a mountain to maintain the speed, stability to fly and gain altitudes.

Where ??

There are many places in India where you can do Paragliding. one of them is Kamshet , close to Pune. where we decided to visit as it is close to Mumbai about 2 hours drive.About 110 km from Mumbai and 45 km from Pune.

Experience ..

We started our experience form the small village location in Kamshet . We had a pick up facility by our tour guys –

The drive takes around 10 minutes to reach the mountain. then there is a trek for about 10 minutes to reach the top of the mountain as the vehicles cannot reach there. it is advisable to carry your own bottle of water while on the trek as there is nothing available on the top of the mountain.


The glider has a two sitter plane which will take you high up in the air with a certified glider. They provide you with all the necessary equipment that is necessary for safe flying.

First the launch pad is set up and you take position to start flying. then you run towards the end of the mountain to catch the wind with your canopy and then take off if everything goes well.

It is also a possibility that you run and you don’t take off if the wind is slow. it is also a problem if the wind is too fast. you may get injured if you don’t take off well and keep running in the bushes. (I am kidding) . They are safe and professional pilots and they will take care of you.

Although Paragliding is an extreme sport and precautions are taken they ask you to sign a form before your flight about your personal details and any witness and whom to contact in emergency. It is a protocol to sign the form to indemnify me of any issues during my flight.

My Experience

When I started running and finally took off it feels just amazing. It feels as though you are a bird and everything becomes calm and serene. The noise of people just vanishes and you are up in the air. everything else becomes so tiny and you feel so vulnerable. At this point I was calm and felt like nothing can affect me and at the same time I was vulnerable like anything and everything can go wrong. feeling both these feelings at the same time lifts you up to a different level of serenity and ecstasy.

I was just suspended by canopy and harness and nothing else and that feeling that you are in the hands of winds and nature is pure joy.

Meanwhile everything around you below you is in their routine, people ,cars, concerns problems everything that matters to you down there does not not affect you .

I personally feel like adventure sports like paragliding is once in a lifetime opportunity and everybody should try it at-least once in their lifetime. there are some people who have fallen in love with this sport and made it their full time careers and after my experience I know why.

And Lastly what better way  to describe my experience through a video of my flight.

I have uploaded my video on YouTube that you can watch on this.



I have uploaded my video on YouTube that you can watch on this.


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