Today I was watching a video of Will smith and his family on Oprah. I adore him and I think he is the best human being/actor I have ever seen. He is so much grounded, happy and dedicated. He knows exactly what he wants to do and he has an amazing creative family. I want to make my family just like that.

He said in his interview that every relationship should have a goal.and we should have smaller goals to meet the bigger goal in our life to reach our set target in life. Everybody comes in this world for a reason and he has to do what he is here for. i think if I don’t have a goal in my life I might get so distracted in the process that it will be a long time till you realise and then it will be too late. As lord Krishna said your life is full of possibilities people think that they know what they are doing in their life they think they have a planned life but one cannot plan anything in your life and that is real life. A man thinks of  climbing mount Everest he has a strategy in mind, he thinks that with his strategy he can climb the mountain but can he? No. at every level of his climb he has to change his strategy according to the circumstances. At every level he has to challenge his abilities, outperform himself and be ready for anything that comes in his way. And he should always remember that he has to give his best. Because at the end of a hurricane there is a rainbow.  One has to stretch oneself and break your own record then and only then you will be looked up as a great person you are. In eyes of people and more importantly yourself.

Life is about challenging yourself its much more fun that way trust me.

Never give up hope and keep trying.

But always remember maintain a goal and keep completing your target so that you know that you are moving forward.

NOVEMBER 5, 2013


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