Today as I walked down the high street at Oxford Circus looking through all these amazing brands standing in face to face with each other, I wondered, how do all these brands stand in the same lane, cater to different customers and how people prefer a certain brand over another. What is at the heart of these super brands that attract so many customers each year?

This is a series of articles on super brands that changed the world.


There are many brands catering to mass market and some catering to special people only. What mainly makes a brand different from one another is the story the brand is portraying. Portraying through adverts, branding, commercials, magazines and social media.

Each brand has a story to tell. Like Nike – it always states in their adverts that once you wear Nike you are much stronger. That you have those supernatural powers that make you unique, strong and you can defeat anything and anyone.

Every brand has a story. And my new quest is to find out each of their stories. Their brand values and their target customers and how they still keep retain their customers.



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