Yes I am living in London and yes I am having a blast I am doing things that I never imagined myself doing. So much freedom so much power. I just feel I can do everything in the world. I have immense energy in me, but suddenly a day comes when everything starts being so unpredictable, I cannot see beyond. Maybe its just me ‘growing up’. Mom said this is life beta. And I wonder Is It? I always dreamt of – well a lot of things. I am a big day dreamer- ask my friends and they’ll tell you about it.! I exaggerate about everything, I am in full animation mode. But a day comes when I turn around 360 degrees and everything good, my charmed life feels not so charmed anymore. I don’t know what I am doing. i loose track. I always start any project with enthusiasm and as it comes to an end I loose interest. That has been my trend. I need help, and the only person who can help me right now is me myself. I have to boost on my confidence and yes as mommy says ‘Grow up’. Finally.


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